Morison KSi是一家由领先的专业服务公司组成的全球协会,服务于客户的跨境会计、审计、税务和咨询需求。

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  • Morison KSi Asia Pacific Announces New Chair

    I am very pleased to announce that Harsh Bhuta, Bhuta Shah & Co LLP, India has been elected as Chair of the Morison KSi Asia Pacific Board. This is following the standing down of Paul Wan who has been Chair of Asia Pacific since its establishment in 1992. Please see attached a press released for more information.   On behalf of all members, we congratulate Harsh on his election. Also, special thanks are due to Paul Wan for his 28 years’ service as Chair of Asia Pacific.

  • Hoek en Blok - 30 successful years of business and international collaboration

    Hoek en Blok started in 1990 with just a handful of employees – now it has a strong 150-person team. We asked Kemal Acar, Partner and Principal Con- tact for Morison KSi and Wim Stuij, one of the firm’s founding Partners who retires this year, a few questions on the success of the firm and how being a member of Morison KSi has played an important part of that journey.

  • Morison KSi's new Chair and Vice Chair

    Morison KSi announces changes to the position of Chair and Vice Chair. The press release covers a professional profile for both Paul Wan, the new Chair, and Mark Baran, the new Vice-Chair.

  • Morison KSi North America announces new Chair

    Sandra Ataman of McCarney Group (Toronto, Canada) has been appointed as the new Chair of Morison KSi North America. This is further to the standing down of Bill Norwalk, Sensiba San Filippo (San Franciso, US) who has served as Chair since 2016. Bill will be retiring from his firm Sensiba San Filippo in 2021.

  • Marks Paneth elects Successor Managing Partner

    As part of its strategic succession and leadership transition plan, New York member Marks Paneth, has announced that Abe Schlisselfeld has been elected Successor Managing Partner to the current Managing Partner, Harry Moehringer, who is approaching retirement. Mr. Schlisselfeld’s term begins 1 January 2021, and he will serve as Co-Managing Partner with Mr. Moehringer during a transitional period.



加入Morison KSi之后,您的事务所跟‘四大会计师事务所’的竞争马上处于更有利的位置。您可以在全球舞台满足客户需求,维护现有客户群体,还能获得协会的支持。

法国Aplitec事务所Jean-Pierre Larroze

在成为Morison KSi成员之后,我们的事务所立即拥有了获得世界各国的知识、技能和经验的机会。这在一个日益国际化的世界,这非常宝贵——无论客户身在何处,只要他们需要协助,我们都可以为他们提供服务。

德国Dierkes Partner事务所Carsten Deecke