Morison KSi North America conference goes virtual

Join us for our very first VIRTUAL conference on Thursday 28 May at 11:00am (EST)*. The theme of the conference is Leading and Innovating During Challenging Times. Register today using our brand-new conference platform.

The conference will feature some fantastic, high-profile guest speakers:

Sarah Elliot, Co-Founder of Intend2Lead will be discussing Leading through Challenging Times.

We have all faced unprecedented challenges these past few months as we adjusted to a new normal. With this new normal, we have been given a unique opportunity to elevate our leadership capacity – to shift from our human default setting of survival mode and expand into more conscious leadership.

Sarah will explore the following with two CPA firm leaders, John Sensiba, Sensiba San Filippo and Beck Hoffland, McCarney Group

  • What does it mean to be a conscious leader?
  • What are we learning about leadership right now?
  • What leadership lessons can we bring with us beyond the pandemic?

Katie Pritchett, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Texas will lead on Innovation during challenging timesand how firms can apply the Blue Ocean Strategy to their business offerings.

COVID-19 has created a dramatic shift for the global marketplace, and it will likely have a lasting impact on how organisations connect with consumers and deliver value. Traditionally firms have existed in a “red ocean” competing for a greater share of demand. In the face of today’s global trends, this competition is becoming even fiercer. That’s why Morison KSi firms are being asked to identify ways to shape these conditions in their favor by eliminating competition and reengineering business offerings which will shift the firm to operating in a “blue ocean.”

Members will also hear a case study from BKM Sowan Horan and ILV Silver as well as an update from our North American COVID-19 taskforce.

BOOK NOW – Limited spaces available. Please contact the GEO for booking information.

We look forward to seeing you. In the meantime, stay safe and stay well.

* PST:8:00   MST: 9:00  CST:10:00  EST: 11:00   BST: 16:00

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