European Conference showcases commitment to increasing member value

Turning global economic challenges into opportunities and facilitating greater member collaboration were the key themes of Morison KSi’s first conference of 2019. Held in Limassol, Cyprus, the event welcomed an impressive 124 delegates and 39 companions from 27 countries.

Quality speakers
The conference welcomed some prominent and high-profile external speakers and panelists including Cyprus’ Minister of Finance, Harris Georgiades, our Guest of Honour; award-winning journalist, Anthony Hilton; ICPAC CEO and member of ACCA, Kyriakos Iordanou; ICAEW Director for Europe, Martin Manuzi; Gale Crosley, Crosley + Company (who joined the conference by videolink); Associate Professor of Accounting at the Cyprus University of Technology, Maria Krambia Kapardis; and ICAEW Head of Cyprus & Greece, Christiana Diola.

Morison KSi member firms joined in sharing their expertise. Our internal speakers included Benjamin Griscti and Bernard Charles Gauci from KSi Malta (Malta), and Ark Rozental from Aprio (United States). Members also shared case studies of successful cross-border collaboration across countries such as Andorra, Argentina, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Oman, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and United States. Furthermore, our panel discussion on the importance of good corporate governance was joined by Jean-Pierre Larroze (Aplitec, France) and Doris Moraschi (bmi auditax, Germany).

Last but not least, we had a pleasure to welcome our newest members, André & Associés (France), CGS-CPA & Consultores (Costa Rica) and CSF & Associés (France), to the Morison KSi family.

The conference was facilitated by leading financial journalist, presenter and communications coach, Nadine Dereza.

Hot topics
The agenda covered some of the key issues that members and their clients are facing including current global economic crises and their impact on financial markets, the challenges of directors and professional advisors seeking assurance on difficult issues, preventing and tackling fraudulent behaviours, and digital innovation including blockchain and how to evolve your professional website to be effective in driving opportunities.

Increasing member collaboration
The main focus of the conference was to help members network to increase collaboration and win more business together. The conference facilitated a number of focus groups allowing members with a particular specialist service or industry sector knowledge to come together and look at how they can generate business.

The event allowed for plenty of opportunities for networking including an excellent team-building activity which involved delegates and companions getting their hands dirty and feet wet building boats!

Strategic update
Morison KSi’s CEO, Amanda Long, provided an update on the association’s strategic direction. Amanda reconfirmed her commitment to deliver greater benefits and facilitate greater business opportunities for members.

Morison KSi would like to thank the two host firms, Ioannou & Theodoulou and Morison Patsalides, for their excellent support and assistance in making this a memorable conference.

Thanks to all speakers and panelists for inspiring lively discussions, and thanks to all participants for taking time out of the office to attend and contribute to this successful event.

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