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  • Alkhuzam & Co - Running a business during COVID-19

    Afwaz Alkhuzam, Business Advisor at Alkhuzam & Co, Kuwait outlines three operational tactics businesses of all sizes are adopting amid these uncertain times: 1. Pivot 2. New investment opportunities 3. Marketing

  • ACCA - COVID 19 - Impacts and Responses

    In this newsletter, ACCA have outlined the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak along with statistics and forecasts on various business factors. Along with this newsletter, they have planned further activities that take a deeper look at the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as a 3-day webinar with live Q&A's. Please read for more information.

  • Auditia, Morocco - COVID-19 Information for Clients

    Moroccan authorities have implemented several measures aiming to minimize the negative economic and social impacts due to the virus propagation. This newsletter summarizes the main measures implemented by Moroccan authorities.

  • Bhuta Shah & Co - India fights against COVID-19

    Bhuta Shah & Co provide information on the following: India Fights Against COVID-19: RBI’s Economic Reforms India Fights Against COVID-19: Economic Relief Package Our Views on Press Meeting by FM Nirmala Sitharaman on 24th March, 2020