Morison KSi members are uniting in the fight against COVID-19

We are proud to see that many of Morison KSi’s member firms having taken the decision to implement cloud based/virtual offices through these uncertain times to protect their staff and clients – playing their part in the solution to COVID-19.

Many members are announcing initiatives and statements on what they are doing to respond to, and support, their clients following the outbreak. Over the next two weeks, each of our Boards will discuss the impact of COVID-19 within their region and discuss specific help that we can offer. Let us know if you have any ideas that you would like to share or implement. These might be for you specifically or for the association as a whole. We are trying to reach out to all of you individually but would welcome hearing from you sooner.

Our members are also sharing an abundance of information on what their governments are doing to help businesses – this information could prove to be invaluable in helping guide your clients through these unprecedented times. 

To ensure this information is accessible to all members, we have created a dedicated COVID-19 resource centre, with the latest resources and announcements by members, for members and their clients. Resources include announcements from governments, helpful checklists, risk assessments and webinar information. Click here to find out more. 

Members can also connect with other members instantly on LinkedIn through the Morison KSi – Staying connected and still smiling group. The members-only group allows you to share your initiatives, advice, country updates, and any other news you may have. It’s also there to help boost morale and to help us keep smiling. We are all in this together so join the
group and support your fellow members through this challenging time.

In the meantime, please know that we are thinking of you, and wish you and your families all the best in these uncertain times.

Best regards from the GEO team

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