RIEDLINGER PartG mbB and artax Fide Consult AG launch cross-border collaboration

On 30 January 2018 two Morison KSi member firms met in Freiburg, Germany, to discuss tax issues of common interest.

The meeting gathered 14 participants from the international tax teams of RIEDLINGER Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB (Germany) and artax Fide Consult AG (Switzerland). The meeting was led by Rainer Soboll from the German host firm and Urs Fischer representing the Swiss firm.

The participants extensively discussed cross-border taxation issues of individuals in Switzerland and Germany, new judgments of Swiss and German tax courts, current double taxation problems according to the Swiss-German Double Taxation Treaty and their experience with Swiss-German Mutual Agreement Procedures. Drawing on the success of the meeting, the firms have decided to organise another meeting, this time focused on bilateral VAT problems.

Such initiatives are a great example of positive collaboration between Morison KSi member firms and we would like to warmly encourage our members to consider similar collaborations with their neighbours. Congratulations to RIEDLINGER PartG mbB and artax Fide Consult AG on their successful initiative!

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