Milestone visit by Paul Wan further reinforces Morison KSi’s relationship with Chinese Institute

On 15 August 2017, Paul Wan (Chair of Morison KSi Asia Pacific/Paul Wan & Co., Singapore) was officially invited by the CICPA (Chinese Institute of Certified Public Accountants) to meet with the CICPA’s Secretary General, Mr Chen Xi Gui. Paul was accompanied by Jonten CPA (Morison KSi’s member in Beijing).

During this trip, Paul was invited to visit the Museum of the Accountancy Profession, which is only open to officials, government members and invited guests.

Paul’s invitation was particularly significant, as he was the first foreign invitee to visit the museum. Paul was the first person to sign the official guest book (which he signed on behalf of himself and Morison KSi). This was a historic moment and it demonstrates the strong cooperative relationship between the CICPA, Paul Wan and Morison KSi.

Paul has made significant efforts over the years in developing relations and contacts in China, and this milestone is testament to his standing in the Chinese profession.


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