Athens welcomes Morison KSi delegates

125 delegates and 38 companions met in Athens, Greece on 4-6 May for the annual Morison KSi European conference.

The conference welcomed a number of highprofile speakers including author, Daniel Susskind, who provided a keynote based on his bestselling
book The Future of the Profession. Gordon Roxon, MindBridge Analytics Inc, shared trends and developments in data analysis and artificial
intelligence. Bernard Savage, Tenandahalf, led a session on how to use a sector-based approach to win clients. Jimmy Greer from ACCA, presented on why business models matter.

Other popular sessions included Annika Klatt and Carsten Deeke’s (DIERKES PARTNER, Germany) presentation on how auditors and tax consultants are seen as boring! Marcos Vivas (Vivas y Novoa, Chile)
shared business opportunities in the Latin American region.

The conference also included the popular Common Interest Groups (CIGs). Thanks to Bernhard Madörin (artax Fide Consult, Switzerland), John Cowie
(Kingston Smith, UK), Jon Sutcliffe, (Kingston Smith, UK) and Bernard Savage (Tenandahalf) for leading these sessions.

As well as the professional sessions, delegates and companions enjoyed networking during various social events - where they experienced many of
Athen’s highlights and sampled traditional Greek cuisine.

Thank you to all firms that attended and contributed to the conference! On behalf of Morison KSi and all member firms, we would like to thank HBP Certified Public Accountants Ltd, Integrated Accounting Services (IAS) Ltd and KSi Greece Private Company for their excellent support in organising this successful conference!

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