Fineac Treuhand AG

Postrasse 30, Zug, CH-6300, Switzerland (Head office)


FINEAC TREUHAND is an independent provider of professional services in the areas of accounting, salary administration, corporate and individual taxation, auditing as well as business administration and financial consulting. Offices are located in Switzerland in the city centres of Zug, Zurich and Schwyz. 

We at FINEAC TREUHAND strive to prove ourselves as dedicated and reliable partners and define our client’s individual requirements and work with them at tailoring the most beneficial service package – personalized and effective.

Our professional team comprises Swiss Certified Accountants, Licensed Chartered Accountants (Swiss CPA), financial and tax advisors. Thanks to continuous education and training, FINEAC TREUHAND employees are always up to date and meet all actual requirements.

Today we serve a broad custom basis coming from almost all industry sectors. All our clients (national or international, public or private, large or small) are responsible for making our successful growth possible ever since the establishment in 1988.

Do not hesitate to contact us directly at FINEAC TREUHAND (German, English and French) or to visit our website.

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