Why Morison KSi

We are well-known for having one of the most selective recruitment policies within the association world. Membership of Morison KSi is a recognised kite mark of quality that members display with pride.

  • We operate a rigorous, selective recruitment process – we only admit the best of the best firms.
  • Quality over quantity is our motto - we don’t recruit firms for the sake of increasing our ranking or to put a dot on a map.
  • Firms are allocated an exclusive, clearly defined catchment area and we have clear referral rules.  Whilst firms have a protected catchment area, we do not limit firms’ commercial interests to open offices in new territories.
  • We have a dedicated Global Executive Office – whose full time job is to ensure you get full value of membership.
  • We are a professional and high quality association…. but with a fun, family-like culture.