Morison KSi appoints its first firm in 2019

CSF & Associés has joined the association representing Metz, France.

CSF & Associés is a medium-sized firm based in Ban Saint Martin, close to Metz, France. Founded in 2001, the firm provides tax, audit and accounting services to its fast-expanding client base active in industries including production, construction, retail and restaurants.

CSF & Associés enjoys strong regional presence and is developing its international links. The firm’s location, close to the borders with Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, is of significant importance and will serve as a great starting point for cross-border collaboration between CSF & Associés and existing Morison KSi members.

CSF & Associés is a member of CABEX, a French network of accounting firms, with which the existing Morison KSi members – Cofagest Conseils (Lyon), Cabinet Sartre (Montpellier) and SLIGEC (Lille) – are also associated.

Partner Fabrice Schaller, the International Liaison Partner for the firm, comments:

Our experience and position in the heart of Europe, just a few kilometres from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, allow us to assist companies in international markets. This was a key factor in our decision to join Morison KSi when the opportunity emerged.

On behalf of Morison KSi and all member firms we welcome CSF & Associés to the association!

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